Polona Puhar photo of me

Hello, I'm Polona Puhar

Who am I?

I’m a girl who stops to scratch the piggies I meet on the road (Corsica). The one who takes dog food on vacation in Albania to feed stray dogs and tries to pet every animal I meet that looks friendly. A silly person who talks to sheep and cows when passing by and no one else listens, hopefully. You won’t hear me scream when I see a bat hanging in the toilet or hold a domesticated tarantula in my hand.

Now, I guess you get the idea I’m crazy about animals. Once, I thought it would be a good idea to have a monkey as a pet. Until one sat on my shoulder, just posing for a photo. It smelled horrible. I promptly dismissed the idea. Now I have a dog, a fox red labrador Bina, the best dog in the world.  

Where do I live?

I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a chicken-shaped country between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. It’s a small country where you can climb a mountain in the morning and swim in the sea in the evening. It’s a topographically very diverse country with the Alps, lowlands and hills and about 40 kilometres of the sea. It has everything that larger countries have; historic towns, pristine nature, adventurous experiences, a mysterious underground world and so much more.  

How do I travel right now?

Ever since I’ve travelled, I’ve travelled by my plan. There were only a few times I travelled with the agency, but I didn’t quite like it. My dream is to travel full-time when I retire. The bad news is, I’m not even halfway there. For now, I’m making good use of every other weekend that I don’t have to work and my annual holidays.  

Until 2019, I was traveling by plane and then renting a car at a destination. Sometimes staying in hotels or apartments and sometimes camping. Shorter distances were travelled by car. Since 2019 I’ve been traveling by a campervan, accompanied by my other half and our lab Bina. On weekends, we mostly travel around Slovenia or not far across the border. But at least twice a year, we try to travel somewhere further away, somewhere we’ve never been before. The advantage of traveling with a motorhome is to travel at your own pace, see the places you want to see and stay as long as you wish. Usually, we avoid overcrowded areas and seasonal travel.  

We generally don’t visit museums, but choose to see natural sceneries such as rivers, canyons, waterfalls, lakes and forests. We are on the lookout for great viewpoints. We stroll around the cities, sightseeing and admiring the architecture, sit in a park and observe the pulse of the cities. We visit local markets and try local cuisine.  

My favourite destination so far is the Azores islands, nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic. Every island is different and you definitely have to see them all. We visited six of them and we unquestionably have plans to come back one day to see the remaining three.

Trying to bring home a souvenir from the places I’ve been I started collecting magnets. Now I have a big table lacking a place for new magnets. It’s become a habit; my family and friends keep supplying me with ones from their travels as well.   

The roads I take blog is an abstract of my adventures worldwide. I’ve been constantly asked to give advice about certain destinations, how to arrange travel, help to find the best plane connections and where to book a sleeping arrangement. I’m good at finding the best logistic plans. My friends also loved to see my photos. So, I said, I might as well start a blog. And here it is. I will try to upload photos of destinations I visited and write the itinerary and a sentence or two. 

Polona Puhar and labrador Bina posing pn Malta dam in Austria
Polona Puhar and labrador Bina posing by the sea
Polona Puhar and labrador Bina posing on Schafbergspitze abowe the Mondsee